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    Which tourist guide to visit London?

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    The tourist guides for London are very numerous and faced with this exhaustiveness it is not always easy to choose or compare. I suggest you present to you the guides that I personally use to prepare my trips to London or elsewhere in the world ...

    Cartoville: to find your way

    This handy little guide never leaves me on a trip. Its strong point is to present a fold-out map by district: Westminster, Covent Garden, The city, Camden… and to offer points of interest, restaurants and shopping addresses for each of them located on the maps. The Cartoville is compact and very useful for getting your bearings. If you need to buy only one guide then take this one!

    There is also the London Cartoville for families and the London Cartoville with Pénélope Bagieu, author of the blog "My life is fascinating" which gives her good addresses and advice.

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    Guide du routard: a great classic


    We no longer present the famous backpacker's guide which allows you to prepare your trip well and to have all the practical and useful information. It is a guide that I use regularly, in addition to the Cartoville.

    The Guide du Routard and the Cartoville are for my part my "winning duo"!

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    Le Lebey: London's best gastropubs

    The Lebey is a gastronomic guide that brings together the best London gastropubs selected for their refined cuisine and the quality of seasonal products.


    Remember my article on home fish & Chips Poppies, well it is thanks to the Lebey guide that I discovered this very beautiful address!

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    Unusual and secret London

    You know the great classics of London (Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Big Ben…) and want to think outside the box, then this book is for you.


    It is thanks to this guide that I discovered unusual coffee The Attendant installed in old Victorian toilets!


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    The Cartoville is perfect if you are going to London for the first time, the time of a weekend. It will give you the essential information to discover the great classics of the capital and its unfoldable maps are very useful for getting your bearings. The backpacker's guide completes the Cartoville by offering more information and practical information to organize your stay.

    The Lebey and the unusual and secret London book, which are very interesting properties, are optional and will be aimed at a public who travels more regularly to London and who knows more or less the great classics of the city.

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