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To reach the English capital, there are many solutions available to you depending on where you live: Eurostar, plane, bus, boat, carpooling or even your personal car. Here is an overview of the means of transport to go to London and advice on making the right choice!

The Eurostar

For Parisians, theEurostar remains the fastest, most convenient and comfortable solution. From Gare du Nord, the Eurostar will take you back to central London at St Pancras Station in just 2 hours and 15 minutes.
You will need to arrive at least 30 minutes before the train leaves to go through customs.

On the price side, you can benefit from very attractive prices - 68 € A / R with promotions - by booking up to 4 months in advance.

For the provinces and more particularly for the South-East region, it is now possible to reach London from the stations of Marseille Saint-Charles, Avignon TGV or Lyon Part-Dieu, and without going through Paris. This service will be carried out up to 5 times a week in high season.

From London St Pancras station, Lyon will be served in 4:47, Avignon in 6:13 and Marseille in 6:50.

Customs and immigration controls will not be carried out at your departure station but in Lille.

Also by booking in advance, you can have from these 3 provincial stations, a round trip at € 111 from Lyon and € 123 from Lyon Part-Dieu and Avignon TGV

Despite a journey that may seem quite long - compared to a plane trip, - theEurostar may seem more practical because the stations are more easily accessible and the formalities are easier and faster.

In addition, you can take two suitcases and one small piece of hand luggage per person at no extra charge and without weight restriction. No check-in for your luggage and therefore no loss of time to board.

Finally, you will arrive in central London and you will not have to look for and pay for a shuttle to find the city center.

To benefit from the best price, book your tickets now on the website of the SNCF or trainline and compare between these two sites to get the best price.


The aircraft

The plane is the fastest way when you do not live near a station served by the Eurostar.

Many traditional companies -  Air France – et low-cost – Vueling - offer connections between France and London.

5 airports are located near London:
- London City (10 km)
– Heathrow (32 km)
– Gatwick (45 km)
- Luton (56 km)
– Stansted (60 km)


The bus

Join Us London by Bus is the most economical solution but not necessarily the fastest.

Flixbus offers great prices from € 9 for a Paris-London journey. Departures are also available from the provinces: Lille, Limoges, Lyon, Marseille, Tours, Strasbourg… with connections in Paris on certain routes.


You can also go to London with Ouibus which offers attractive prices:

  • Paris-London : from 19 €
  • Lille-London : from 19 €
  • Lyon-London : from 29 €
  • Brussels-London : from 19 €

These prices are limited in number, it is advisable to compare the offers between the train and the bus because in some cases it is the Eurostar which will cost less.


Another economical and ecological solution. From Paris, the average price, often encountered on carpooling sites, is around forty euros per trip.

Personal car

Last alternative, your personal car. The solution which is certainly the most flexible in terms of hours but the most dangerous! Because once again arrived in London, it will face many inconveniences:
- drive to the left
- cost of urban toll
- difficulty in driving and parking

In short, this solution is not really of interest for a tourist stay.


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