What is the Lord Mayor's Show?

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What is the Lord Mayor's Show?

Lord Mayor's Show is an annual ceremony where the newly elected City Mayor pledges his allegiance to the British Crown.

On the program for this day of festivities, a parade aboard a boat and then a golden coach pulled by six horses, free guided tours, free access to St Paul's Cathedral and fireworks.

What is the Lord Mayor's Show?

This 800-year-old tradition began in 1215 when King John authorized the City of London to elect its own mayor. In thanks, the newly elected mayor goes to Westminster to introduce himself to the king and swear loyalty to him.

The journey between the Mansion House and Westminster gives rise to a long procession to celebrate the Lord Mayor.

Nowadays, a month after his election, the mayor of the City goes aboard a barque and then a 250-year-old golden coach to the Royal Courts of Justice to take an oath of allegiance to the British Crown.

Each year, the parade brings together more than 6500 people, 165 horses and 35 floats.


Who is the Lord Mayor?

Important clarification, do not confuse the mayor of London and the mayor of City.

  • Le mayor of london is the head of the Greater London Authority.
  • Le Lord Mayor is the mayor of the City, an area of ​​just under three square kilometers, the historic and economic heart of the British capital. He is elected each year by the 25 aldermen of the City themselves appointed for six years, at the rate of one per district of the City (or Ward).

Its role is to promote the financial services of the City and the rest of the United Kingdom in the country and around the world. On the other hand, he also has authority over the City's police, schools, markets, roads, port and bridges.


Date Lord Mayor's Show in 2019?

The Lord Mayor's Show takes place every year, one month after the City's mayor is elected, on the second Saturday in November.

This year the festivities will be November 9, 2019.


Lord Mayor aboard the Gloriana barque


8h30 : The Mayor of the City arrives at Westminster Pier and boards the Gloriana, the first 250-year-old royal barge.
8h35 : Escorted by 24 traditional boats, the Gloriana leaves the dock and heads for Katherine's Pier.
09:00 : The flotilla arrives at Waterloo Bridge
09:20 : The flotilla arrives at London Bridge
09:25 : As a sign of respect, opening of the Tower Bridge
09:30 : Arrival of the Lord Mayor at Katherine's Pier to proceed to Guidehall.



10h45 : The Lord Mayor leaves Guidehall in his coach to join Mansion House
11h00 : 2 minutes of silence for Remembrance Day
11h03 : The procession leaves Mansion House
11h30 : Arrival of the start of the procession at Royal Courts of Justice
12h05 : The Lord Mayor leaves Mansion House
12h20 : The Lord Mayor arrives at St Paul's Cathedral
12h40 : Arrival of the Lord Mayor at Royal Courts of Justice to take his oath before the Queen's representatives

13h15 : Departure of the procession for Victoria Embankment
13h35 : Arrival of the head of the procession at Mansion House
14h10 : The Lord Mayor joins the procession at Royal Courts of Justice
14h40 : Arrival of the Lord Mayor at Mansion House


What is the route of the Lord Mayor's Show parade?


How to attend the Lord Mayor's Show parade?

You can attend the parade for free by standing on the parade route. Do not arrive at the last moment at the risk of not seeing anything 🙁

It is also possible to reserve seats in the grandstand at St Paul's Cathedral, at a cost of £ 39.

Information and reservations on the Lord Mayor's Show website.


Bon Plan: Free guided tours on the occasion of Lords Mayor's Show

From 15 p.m., tour guides provide free guided tours lasting approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.

No need to book, meet a little before 15 p.m. at No1 Poultry (the large pink and yellow building near Mansion House, near Bank tube station) where several guides will be present.

All practical information on the site City of London Guides.


Arrival expected around 16:30 p.m. at Blackfriars.


Easy route. Donations appreciated but not compulsory.


Good deal: Free entry to St Paul's Cathedral!


Each year on the occasion of Lord Mayor's Show, the entrance to the st paul's cathedral is free to the public. Here is a great opportunity to visit one of London's most iconic landmarks and save £ 18 !!!

You can also access the dome of the cathedral but you will have to pay £ 5.

Also note that just like theWestminster Abbey, you can also access the cathedral free of charge during services. Be careful, you will not be able to wander freely in the monument.


Fireworks to close Lord Mayor's Show

To end this day, a fireworks display is fired at 17:15 p.m. sharp and will be visible for several kilometers around. However, for the best view it is advisable to travel to the Thames either between Waterloo and Blackfriars Bridges or between Victoria Embankment and Blackfriars.

Duration of the fireworks display : between 15 and 20 min

No fireworks for the 2019 edition

More information on the official website.



Lord Mayor's Show is a great free plan to learn about London's history and traditions. The day is punctuated by parades, parades in traditional clothes, free visits and ends in apotheosis with fireworks.

A week before the Lord Mayor's Show, you can download the app of the event to have all the practical information.

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