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Located in the district of Shoreditch, Tramshed is a meat restaurant featuring beef and chicken! Renowned for the quality of its meat, Tramshed is a surprising restaurant both for the quirky and original presentation of certain dishes and for its interior decoration!

Presentation of the Tramshed restaurant

Opened in 2012, Tramshed is an upscale meat restaurant, selected and cooked by English chef Mark Hix. The latter is a figure of the British gastronomic scene, at the head of several restaurants, winner of several culinary competitions and author of numerous cookbooks.

In this restaurant, the chef gives pride of place to beef and chicken from producers in the country that he selects for the quality of their meat and the method of breeding. 



Mark Hix opened his restaurant in a former industrial building that was used to renovate trams. An unusual setting whose industrial architecture has been preserved with beautiful volumes, metal beams and bricks. 
But the most striking is the work of the British artist Damien Hirst exhibited in the heart of the room: a calf, surmounted by a rooster preserved in formalin.


Que mange t-on au restaurant Tramshed?


A brief, simple and effective menu: steak and roast chicken, plus a few starters! The beef is matured 28 days in a cold room with Himalayan salt and comes from the Shorthorn, Hereford and Aberdeen Angus breeds. 
If there are 5 of you, don't hesitate to take the 1,4 kg piece of beef!



The chickens come from Swainson House Farm, one of the best farms in the country and are served whole with vertical training !!

Finally, the wine list offers a very nice choice of good quality European wines, and of course, several local beers.


Tramshed: a restaurant only for carnivores ?!

No ! The restaurant offers a menu for vegetarians and vegans who can enjoy, for example, a Yorkshire pudding, an Asian salad with crispy mushrooms, chili and ginger or a Mexican salad with grilled peppers. 

For more information, do not hesitate to consult the menu


How much does a meal cost?


Considering the quality of the meat, the prices are relatively affordable. Count £ 35 and £ 40 per person (service included).


How is the service?

The service is efficient with smiling waiters giving advice to make the right choice according to your tastes.


Do I have to reserve?

Reservations are recommended if you wish to come in the evening and more particularly on weekends. For this, you can book via the Tripadvisor site and also discover the reviews of Internet users 😉


Tramshed: a restaurant to recommend?

If you love good meat and are looking for an original setting in a trendy area like Shoreditch, you won't be disappointed! The portions are generous and the meat melts in your mouth. Personally, I have tasted their burger and have not regretted it. Tasty meat, served with slices of crispy bacon and delicious homemade fries.

The setting is pleasant although noisy on weekends when it is crowded. The food is good and the servers are all very friendly! 


Good plans for eating at Tramshed!

Two offers for lunch on weekdays 

-> Monday to Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. to 16:00 p.m. and for tables of up to 8 people, Tramshed offers 2 courses for £ 9.75 or 3 courses for £ 11.75*.

For more information, do not hesitate to consult the menu


-> Monday to Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. to 16:30 p.m., offers a selection of dishes for £ 10.95*.

For more information, do not hesitate to consult the menu

* 12.5% ​​service not included in the price


Free meal for children

Children aged 8 and under can eat for free by choosing items from the children's menu.
Offer valid from Monday to Friday from 16:00 p.m. to 18:00 p.m. and from Saturday to Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 18:00 p.m.

For more information, do not hesitate to consult the menu


What are the Tramshed restaurant opening hours?

Monday : 11:30 pm - 21:30 pm
Tuesday : 11:30 pm - 22:00 pm
Wednesday Friday : 11:30 pm - 23:00 pm
Saturday : 11:00 pm - 23:00 pm
Sunday : 11:00 pm - 21:00 pm


Where is the Tramshed restaurant located?

Address : 32 Rivington Street, Hackney, London EC2A 3LX

Metro National rail bus Old StreetShoreditch High Street, Old Street55, 135, 205, 243, 812



The famous English chef Mark Hix has taken up a daring bet, to offer simple cuisine by highlighting quality roasted meats (poultry & beef). His ambition and his originality are also found in the decoration of his restaurant, by diverting a former tram warehouse and by appealing to the artist specializing in challenging installations, even a little trashy, Damien Hirst who exhibits a calf in the center of the restaurant. in formalin!


Tramshed is the ideal place to taste quality meat, offering one kilo steaks to share between diners, or roast poultry accompanied by delicious fries, from the best English farms.

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