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THEWestminster Abbey is one of the most famous monuments of the English capital. It has been the scene of famous personalities' funerals, royal coronations, and even weddings. Diana's funeral and Kate and William's wedding in Westminster were highlights that left their mark.

Unfortunately, the entrance ticket to visit the abbey is expensive!
around 24 € for an adult and 10 € for a child.

So how do you visit this major London landmark without putting your hand in your pocket?

Attend a religious ceremony

The good plan to visit the'abbey of Westminster is to show up at religious ceremonies! These are open to everyone and no financial participation is required.

The entrance to the offices is made by the West entrance and not by the North entrance where the ticket office for paying entries is located.

Remember to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the service in order to have a seat and time to pass the security post. You will then be taken to your seat. The service lasts 45 minutes and at the end you can walk in the abbey for a few moments. Don't expect to be able to stay very long, but attending a service is a good plan to enter Westminster Abbey for free and discover its architecture.

Please note, photos and videos are unfortunately prohibited.

What to wear to attend a service at Westminster Abbey?

To attend a ceremony, proper dress is required. Therefore, it is out of the question to show up in shorts and sandals at the risk of being refused entry.

When to attend a religious ceremony at Westminster Abbey?

On Sunday

8:00 am: Holy Communion
10:00 a.m .: Mornings
11h00: Sung Eucharist (at the Church of Ste Marguerite)
11:15 am: Sung Eucharist
15:00 p.m .: Vespers
18 p.m .: Evening service

In Week

7:30 am: Matins (9:00 am on public holidays)
8:00 am: Holy Communion
12:30 am: Holy Communion
17:00 p.m .: Vespers (vespers recited on Wednesday)


8:00 am: Holy Communion
9:00 a.m .: Mornings
15:00 p.m .: Vespers

Have a tourist pass

The visit to Westminster Abbey is included with some tourist cards such as the London Pass, London Explorer Pass and l'iVenture Pass Here is another good plan!

How do I get to Westminster Abbey?

Metro bus River shuttles Westminster11, 24, 148, 211, N11, N44, N136Westminster Pier
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