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    Take a speed boat cruise on the Thames - London tips

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    Take a speed boat cruise on the Thames

    Climb aboard a speed boat and visit London differently! Hair in the wind, discover the most famous monuments of the capital in an original and fun way. With peaks of up to 30 knots on the Thames, thrills are guaranteed!



    What boat are we getting on?


    The speed boat is a 12-meter semi-rigid boat that can accommodate up to 12 people. With its 630 hp, this is the fastest boat to sail on the Thames at up to 30 knots or around 55 km / h.


    What is the itinerary during the Speedboat cruise?

    Thames Rockets offers several speedboat cruises with a different departure location and route.


    Ultimate London Adventure Cruise - 50 min

    After boarding at the foot of the London Eye, head for the Palace of Westminster to see Big Ben and pass under the famous Westminster Bridge.

    After a few photos, the speed boat turns around to follow the Thames and pass London's most famous monuments. On the program, the museum Tate Modern, Shakespeare's Globe st paul's cathedral, the buildings of the City or the Tower of London and the cruiser HMS Belfast, to quote the most famous.

    This first part is peaceful, allows you to enjoy the view, take pictures and listen to the guide's comments. Everything speeds up once you pass Tower Bridge when you leave the heart of London. Change of scenery and rhythm. Full music and hair blowing in the wind, the 630 hp of the boat are racing to give us a little dose of adrenaline! With peaks of up to 55km / h, we rush, zigzag to Canary Wharf before turning around and storming back to Tower Bridge.

    Then, once passed under the famous Victorian bridge, one contemplates London peacefully until London Eye.


    Price : Around 50 € for an adult. Compare offers on Expedia et Visit Britain.

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    Break the Barrier Cruise - 40 min

    After setting off from Tower Bridge, we get straight to the heart of the matter! Full throttle towards Greenwich. We see the shard, the tallest building in Western Europe, crosses Canary Wharf, passes the Cutty Sark and the O2 Arena to finally arrive at Thames Barrier, one of the largest movable dams in the world. Then head back to Tower Bridge.


    Price : Around 55 € for an adult. Compare offers between Visit Britain et GetYourGuide.


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    Complete cruise - 1h20

    This cruise takes the 2 previous itineraries and offers 2 cruises in one, namely a first tourist part with commentaries and a second focused on speed and entertainment.

    Price : Around 64 € for an adult


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    Which speed boat cruise to choose?

    Above all, you are looking for sensations

    Choose the speedboat cruise Break the Barrier which is the one with the longest high speed navigation time.


    Do you want to have sensations and visit central London?

    Go for the cruise Ultimate London Adventure which is a balance between guided tour and fun visit.


    Do you want to discover the monuments of London and the district of Greenwich?

    La full cruise offers a visit of London over more than 20 km reconciling culture and entertainment for 1h20.


    A fun cruise?

    100% fun! Upon your arrival, you will be greeted with a smile by the staff who will give you all the instructions with humor and kindness. Once on board, your guide who is also a comedian, will share anecdotes, fun facts and funny stories about celebrities. James Bond fans should love it… All with humor and lightness.

    During the cruise, he will be happy to take a picture of you and will not hesitate to pose with you!



    Much more than a commented cruise, it is also a fun and original activity. Good humor and fun guaranteed, especially when you jump on the water !!



    Speed ​​boat, thrills?

    I tested the Ultimate London Adventure cruise which offers good sensations although the speed boat part was a little too short for my taste! More speed wouldn't have bothered me as I'm not a fan of thrills or thrills.

    Here are the impressions of Baptiste who was by my side: "A fun experience and a very warm welcome from the" guides "(I don't know how to say ... guides / actors !!) The ballad / visit part is interesting and takes precedence over the part "Speed ​​boat" a bit short for my taste. "


    Can you get seasick in a speed boat?

    Given the configuration of the boat, namely a low hull as close as possible to the water, we do not feel the same movements as in a traditional boat. Therefore, the chances of suffering from seasickness are rare.


    Can we speed boat in bad weather?

    Even in cold weather or in the rain, the cruise is guaranteed! To protect yourself from the elements, the crew will give you a complete waterproof outfit (pants and jacket) to put on over your clothes.

    Thames Rockets reserves the right to cancel the cruise in the event of poor visibility (dense fog) and contacts participants the day before to suggest another time slot.


    Can people with reduced mobility board the speed boat?

    Yes ! The boats are accessible to people in wheelchairs.


    Can children take a speed boat cruise on the Thames?

    Children can enjoy the joys of the speedboat from 10 years old.


    Useful information

    • Commentary from the guide in English
    • Arrive 15 minutes before the start of the cruise
    • You can bring your GoPro and film during the cruise
    • Pregnant women are not allowed on board, regardless of the term of their pregnancy


    Where to embark for a speed boat?

    Ultimate London Adventure Cruise and Full Cruise

    For these two cruises, boarding is at the jetty, near the London Eye.

    Metro bus River shuttles Waterloo, Westminster211, 77, 381Waterloo Pier


    Break the Barrier Cruise

    The tour departs from St Katharine's Pier which is next to Tower Bridge, on the same bank as the Tower of London.

    Metro bus River shuttles Tower Hill15, 42, 78, 100, RV1Tower Pier



    A speed boat cruise is a fun and original activity that combines a guided tour, discovery of London and sensations. At over 50 km / h on the Thames, this activity will appeal to both children and adults looking for adrenaline.
    Reservations are essential especially during the beautiful days when the cruise is a great success!

      Ultimate London Adventure Cruise - 50 min Break the Barrier Cruise - 40 min Complete Cruise - 1h20  

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