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Failing to travel to London, here is a selection of gifts, original, classic or funny and for all ages!


London Lover a brand for London lovers and proud of it!

In 2020 in a context where we can no longer travel, I decided to create London Lover a brand of clothing and accessories in organic cotton for all lovers of London and proud of it!

London Lover is a collection for the whole family who want to share their passion for London through a line of sporty chic clothing.
To assert his London desires, two designs are available through the collection Tower Bridge depicting the famous neo-Gothic suspension bridges and the collection London Love inspired by the legendary London Underground logo.

The designs in the colors of London and depicting symbols of the British capital are unique visuals specially created for the brand that you won't find anywhere else.

  Become a London Lover!


A beautiful book on London as a gift


If you want to travel to London from your sofa, I suggest you delve into the book “Fanspots Stories London” which features iconic locations from cinema, TV series, music, novels and comics. For each address, the authors give historical facts about the place, anecdotes or filming secrets allowing to discover the history of pop culture in London.
Among the hundreds of places referenced, we can mention the apartment of Bridget Stones, the cemetery of Back to Black inAmy Winehouse, the War of the Worlds park… and many others!

A great gift for traveling and discovering London in a different way!

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The Crown series on DVD


We no longer present The Crown, this famous super-production series which recreates with manic care the life of the sovereign of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II, from her marriage in 1947 to the present day.

The Crown has been acclaimed for the quality of its performance, direction, writing and photography, as well as the historic fidelity of its depiction of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The series has received several awards, including two Screen Actors Guild Awards for Best Actress for Claire Foy and one for Best Actor for John Lithgow, in 2017 and 2018, in addition to being nominated a total of twenty-six times at the Primetime. Emmy Awards for its first two seasons, including twice for Best Drama Television Series.


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The gifts to give from London department stores!

A chic gift from Fortnum & Mason


Fortnum & Mason, this department store located in Piccadilly which owns the prestigious Royal Warrant Appointment, has been delighting the English court since 1707! It is known for its delicatessen with more than 200 teas, many cheeses, marmalades and the essential the lemond curd! Another English English classic, the chic and kitsch porcelain tableware and the elegant and refined linens.

You will undoubtedly find what you are looking for on the Fortnum & Mason website and the most difficult will be to choose among all these products reflecting the British art of living.


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Harrods is a luxury department store, located in Knightsbridge easily recognizable by its elegant Edwardian terracotta facade. Unless you can walk around the 90 m000 of shelves in the store, it is possible to place orders online.

Among the articles with a British look, we can mention the many Christmas decorations, a large tea selection, the Harrods shopping bags or the famous teddy bear stamped with the name of the store.


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Liberty and its famous flower fabric


Located a few meters from Regent Street, Liberty is easily recognizable thanks to its magnificent half-timbered Tudor facade. This store offers very beautiful decorative objects, porcelain tableware and more particularly pretty mugs decorated with the front of the store.

But the must-have is undoubtedly the famous Liberty fabric. Indeed, the store is known for its cotton fabric, with a silky feel and floral motifs: the Liberty fabric. Confidence for confidence, this is where I buy my Liberty shirts. Certainly expensive but so beautiful and chic!

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English perfumes or royal gifts!


Founded in 1760 in London by James Henry Creed, Creed was originally a fashion and clothing house whose best-known clients were Queen Victoria and Empress Eugenie who particularly appreciated clothing for riding.

Today Creed is known for its perfumes made with the most noble essences and contain the greatest number of natural elements: Rose from Bulgaria, Turkey or Morocco, Iris from Florence ...

This luxury perfume brand has counted famous clients such as John F. Kennedy, Georges Braque, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Diana Spencer, Madonna.
For the anecdote, Michelle Obama appreciated "Love in White" a subtle scent composed of orange zest from Spain, iris from Egypt, jasmine from Italy and magnolia from Guatemala.

This flagrance was nicknamed "The White House fragrance" because according to the rumor, the first lady of the United States would spray the corridors of the White House with it.

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When Juan Famenias Floris arrived in England in 1730 from his native island of Menorca, it was to become a barber in the very chic district of St James. In addition to the magnificent toiletries that he offers to gentlemen in his elegant boutique at 89 Jermyn Street, Floris creates fragrances for his clients.

In 1818 King George IV granted the 1st of the 20 “Royal Warrant” (Official Supplier to the Crown) that the House held during its history, the current two being that of Perfumer of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and that of manufacturers of the toilet preparations of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.

Finally, on the occasion of the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2018, Floris composed a unique perfume for the couple.

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Founded in 2011 by former celebrity hairstylist Michael Boadi, Illuminum is a British perfume house that found success thanks to Kate Middleton's marriage to Prince William. Indeed, the Duchess of Cambridge wore the day of her wedding White Gardenia Petals, a delicate and refined perfume composed of head of lily, heart of gardenia, ylang ylang and jasmine.

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Jo Malone

Founded in 1994 at 154 Walton Street in the Chelsea district of London, Jo Malone is an English perfumer offering sophisticated and daring fragrances that have won over Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

The Duchess of Cambridgese appreciates the fragrance Orange Blossom (she even had the candles to embellish her wedding), composed of clementine flower, orange tree and water lily, iris and balsamic vetiver. Meghan Markle, on the other hand, prefers Wild Bluebell, a cologne that combines a bouquet of bellflowers (flowers in the shape of bells), lily of the valley, wild rose and persimmon (fruit native to Japan).


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Miller Harris

Miller Harris is a London-based luxury fragrance brand founded in 2000 by Lyn Harris, one of the first female master perfumers.

The brand became world famous in 2010 when Samantha Cameron, wife of the British Prime Minister gave Michelle Obama a set of candles, during their first trip to meet President Barack Obama in Washington.

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Penhaligon's is a British perfume house established in London in 1870 by barber William Henry Penhaligon. The fragrances are made from rigorously selected ingredients and manufactured using certain artisanal techniques.

Supplier to Queen Victoria and then to the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales by granting royal approvals (or Royal Warrants), Penhaligon's has built its reputation thanks to members of the royal family and their entourage.

The brand still has the favors of Elizabeth II today, who according to the Telegraph, would wear White Rose (created in 1730) for its notes of white roses which are her favorite flowers. And for the record, I wear Endymion and Artemisia 😉

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English gifts from Marks & Spencer

The British chain of stores Marks & Spencer offers a wide selection of British products that will bring a British atmosphere to your home including tableware and decoration.

For children, Marks & Spencer offers a collection of children's clothing stamped Harry Potter, but also board games, backpacks and decorative items.

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Monopoly Londres

Monopoly, the famous American board game, offers a version for London Lovers who will be able to travel the most famous underground stations from PPiccadilly Circus to Hyde Park Corner. For this tribute to the oldest metro network in the world, the rules of the classic board game still apply.

A great souvenir for those near or far from the British capital!


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So British toys from Hamleys!

Hamleys, the oldest toy store in the world, is an institution in London where young and old alike marvel at such a profusion of toys!

Among the original toys, we can mention some Playmobil and more particularly the Royal Guard and Police Bobby or the famous taxis called black-cab et red double-decker bus offered in miniature.


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Aspinal of London: leather goods with the Union Jack

Established in 2000, Aspinal of London is a London-based designer, manufacturer and retailer of luxury leather goods and accessories for men and women, based in London and West Sussex, UK.

For the first time in 2013, the Duchess of Cambridge wore the brand's Midi Mayfair bag in black and lilac colourways. But the brand also offers more fancy products, notably with wallets and bags adorned with the magnificent Union-Jack!

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Scrabble Harry Potter Edition

This special edition of Scrabble celebrates the vocabulary of the world of Harry Potter and his friends. The main operation remains the same: put your letters to form words with those already present on the board in order to win the most points and win the game.

But here, all words relating to the Harry Potter universe are allowed. We can therefore put names or first names of characters (Albus, Granger, McGonagall, Severus), actors (Felton, Emma, ​​Rupert, Rickman), spells (Expelliarmus, Flipendo, Allohomora), places (Pré-au- Lard, Azkaban, Hogwarts, Gringotts) or even potions (Polyjuice Potion, Felix Felicis, Veritaserum, Amortensia).


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Cluedo Harry Potter Edition

Another great classic of family games revisited that will delight fans of the Harry Potter saga!

A student suddenly disappeared. In the guise of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna or Neville, you must find out who is responsible for his disappearance, what object was used and where this student was abducted. Is this Fenrir Greyback with a Cursed Necklace in the Forbidden Forest? Use the floo powder to move from place to place through the network of magical chimneys ...
But be careful not to meet the forces of evil!


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Gifts with the effigy of the royal family

Funk Pop Princess Diana



The Funko Pop brand offers more than 1000 figurines among which are the members of the royal family namely Queen Elisabeth II, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry, Prince Charles and of course Diana.

The Harry Potter collection presents a wider choice of figurines with for example, Harry Potter and his invisibility cloak, Harry, Hermione and Ron on the dragon of Gringotts, Dumbledore with Phoenix, Hermione Granger with a cauldron ...


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Calendar 2021 Elizabeth II


This royal calendar features a new photo of Queen Elisabeth II through different periods of her life, from before her coronation to the official duties she still holds today.

Format: 30,5 x 30,5 cm closed / 30,5 x 61cm open


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The official Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Mug

Enjoy your tea alongside the queen with this magnificent official mug made for her Diamond Jubilee in 2012!

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Elizabeth II solar statuette

Here is a funny figurine of the queen who thanks to a mini solar panel in the handbag starts to wave.


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Royal tea towel for the wedding of Meghan and Prince Harry

For a royal touch in your kitchen, why not treat yourself to the special Meghan and Harry wedding tea towel celebrated on May 19, 2018 at Saint-Georges Chapel in Windsor.


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Kate Middleton Engagement Ring Replica


Here is a royal gift… well almost! This silver ring with a blue sapphire and cubic zirconia is the replica of Kate Middleton's engagement ring. This same ring that once belonged to Princess Diana had been a gift from Prince Charles on their engagement in 1980.

A few months after Kate and William's wedding, this ring aroused the desires of young marriage contenders wishing to wear an exceptional piece of jewelry on their fingers, however sold at a less indecent price! Indeed, the original composed of a sapphire and diamonds is estimated at around 1 million euros!


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Quiz about the royal family

Right Royal is a fun quiz to test your knowledge of the Royal Family. Players have 30 seconds to guess the correct answer and score the most points.

Among the 200 questions, we can quote: "Did the queen receive her first corgi as a present at the age of 18?" "; “Does His Majesty support Arsenal FC? "Or" does the queen have an elephant, two turtles, a jaguar and a pair of sloths? "

A great game for family evenings and parties.

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