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Simpson's in the Strand restaurant is a true London institution that showcases local products grown in the British Isles. Its fame is due to the quality of its traditional British cuisine and its legendary cart service.

With its oak paneling, leather banquettes and high stuccoed coffered ceilings, this famous establishment exudes all the atmosphere of a private club. This cozy and elegant setting is part of the legendary 5-star hotel The Savoy located not far from the bustle of Covent Garden.

History of Simpson's in the Strand


Founded in 1828, Simpson's in the Strand was initially a chess club where members met to debate political issues. We came there to play, exchange ideas, smoke cigars and of course eat! Particular attention was paid to the service which had to be discreet and refined. Indeed, not to disturb these gentlemen, the roasts were served on silver domed carts!

The restaurant was frequented by many celebrities including Dickens, Van Gogh, Winston Churchill and a certain Sherlock Holmes.

In 1974, Simpson's in the Strand was one of the first restaurants in the UK to win a Michelin star.


Today Simpson's in the Strand is considered to be the most iconic restaurant and one of the oldest traditional English restaurants in London.


What are the specialties of Simpson's in the Strand?


The menu offers iconic dishes of British cuisine such as the famous Scottish beef matured 28 days or Welsh lamb. Both are presented under a silver bell and cut on demand in front of the customer.

Other traditional dishes of British gastronomy have been revisited to adapt them to today's cuisine. This is particularly the case with steak and kidney pudding, which is now a lighter dish, served individually and steamed in the oven.



Seafood is also in the spotlight, such as cod fillet in beer or lobster thermidor, a traditional French dish!

Also to discover, English cheeses which are sometimes too little known among us and yet very good! The selection is sharp with once again quality and local products. We find in particular Barkham blue, a blue cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk, Lincolnshire poacher with raw cow's milk matured between 14 and 24 months or even Stilton, one of the only English cheeses to enjoy the PDO.

Finally, if you are not satisfied, do not hesitate to taste the famous English desserts: the pudding and the Jaffa cake. The latter, better known here under the name of Pim's, is a delicious orange cake flavored with Grand Marnier and accompanied by chocolate mousse and blood orange sorbet.


How much does a meal cost at Simpson's in the Strand?

For a meal with starter, main course and dessert, count around £ 40 to £ 80. The prices are certainly high but the quality is present. And contrary to popular belief, you can eat very well in England and discover tasty and generous dishes.


How is the service?

The service is both refined and discreet. The elegantly dressed staff are attentive to present the à la carte dishes and help us discover the history and traditions of the restaurant.


How to dress ?

The appropriate attire is casual chic. No need to come in costume even if the place is chic. Raw jeans and shirts are accepted but sneakers should be avoided!


Workshop to learn how to cut meat

The restaurant regularly organizes workshops to learn how to cut meat in the traditional way and master the cooking.

This workshop also includes a tour of the restaurant's kitchens as well as a three-course meal.

Price: £ 220 per person + £ 60 for lunch.

Information and reservations by phone at +44 (0) 20 7420 2111 or by email at


What are the opening hours?

Monday to Friday : 12:30 p.m. - 14:30 p.m. and 17:00 p.m. - 23:00 p.m.
Saturday : 12:00 pm - 23:00 pm
Sunday : 12:00 pm - 20:00 pm


Where is Simpson's in the Strand located?

Address :  100 Strand, London WC2R 0EW

Metro bus Covent Garden, Charing Cross, Temple6, 9, 11, 15, 23, 87, 91, 139, 176
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