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In love with London? Well, you'll be even more so after seeing this guide. In ForLondonLovers we have created a list of romantic and original plans to do with your partner in London. Choose one and surprise your partner with a great plan that he or she will never forget. You'll be amazed!

In love with London? Well, you'll be even more so after seeing this guide. In ForLondonLovers we have created a list of romantic and original plans to do with your partner in London. Choose one and surprise your partner with a great plan that he or she will never forget. You'll be amazed!

Things to do with your partner in London

Romantic walks in the park

Imagine the scene: you and your sweetheart walking through the park, holding hands, admiring the beauty of the gardens and enjoying each other's company. For starters, head to the Kyoto Japanese Garden in Holland Park, the largest park in the Royal Borough! This garden is perfect for a romantic stroll: the best seasons are spring and summer, when the trees bloom and transform the landscape into a fairytale setting. Here you can relax: sit by the waterfall or go and watch the fish darting in the large koi pond. During your walk you may also encounter peacocks: they are free to roam among the meadows.

Dynamic dates

After a romantic stroll, it's time to dive into something a little more dynamic! Hyde Park is one of London's Royal Parks that attracts millions of visitors every year: it's the perfect place to go horse riding with your partner. You'll have a wide variety of options regarding the type of lesson you want to try, whether you want to learn how to ride, improve your riding skills or just for fun! Hop on Hyde Park Stables and enjoy the ride and the wonderful views around the park and the Serpentine Lake!

Romantic dinner for two

Can you think of anything more romantic than dinner for two? For one of the most romantic candlelit dinners in London, head to Clos Maggiore in the Westminster district - it's considered the most romantic restaurant in the city! You can choose to sit in the honeycomb wood dining room or in the winter garden, dotted with lights, flowering trees, mirrors and candles. Whatever context you find yourself in during dinner, it will take second place to the exquisite Provençal-inspired dishes you'll enjoy in the company of your sweetheart. Thanks to a selection of over 2,500 wines, you're sure to have a magical evening!

Visit the main tourist attractions

If this is your and your partner's first time in London or if you haven't yet had the chance to discover the tourist wonders the city has to offer, this is the perfect opportunity not to miss out on anything! Visit Westminster Abbey, a Gothic church located to the west of the Palace of Westminster. It hosts weddings and coronations but is also famous for holding the relics of some of the country's royal family. For more information about the abbey, read our blog post about it. After your visit, head to Buckingham Palace to find out how the English monarchy lives and works. Among the 775 rooms of the Buckingham Palace 19 of them are halls open to the public. What are you waiting for, go right away and discover the hidden beauties of the palace together with your beloved one! A trip to London can't be concluded without a ride on the London Eye, the biggest Ferris wheel in the world! Head to the top, get comfortable and enjoy one of the most fabulous views of London, perhaps just as the sun sets over the city!

London Sightseeing Tour

After visiting the most famous tourist attractions, it's time to dare and try something a little different! Take one of the following city tours to experience London from a completely different perspective! With Alternative London you'll see a side of London you've probably never noticed before. Explore the city on guided walking and cycling tours, during which you can admire the artistic beauty and uniqueness of the East End.

The Shows

When it comes to the stage, there's no city more special than London, with a wide variety of shows to choose from! If ballet is your thing, then head to the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. The Royal Ballet is England's largest ballet company, known the world over for its fabulous performances. If you get caught in a downpour, don't panic! Your romantic evening is safe: take refuge in The Piazza and enjoy fantastic performances by street performers.


After filling your days with a plethora of super romantic activities, it's time to think about your nights too. Head to Gordon's Wine Bar, London's oldest wine shop offering an award-winning wine list. The wine is served in wooden barrels directly from behind the bar counter, a detail that adds a distinctive aspect to your tasting; there's also outdoor seating so you and your partner can enjoy some fine wine outdoors with the extraordinary evening you have planned and waiting for you. After a few drinks accompanied by excellent cheese sandwiches, head to the Westminster area , a stone's throw away, to see how the locals live.

Admire the view from above

Go over the top and go over the top with this romantic date project! Imagine holding hands as you fly over the city on one of the London Helicopter Centre's helicopter tours! Organise the perfect date aboard a helicopter - just decide where and when to take the flight! For everything else, leave it to the London Helicopter Centre.

Museums and art galleries

There's nothing more classic than a romantic stroll through the corridors of London's spectacular museums and art galleries. You can walk side by side as you admire your favourite works of art while escaping the pouring rain. The British Museum is one of London's top attractions and admission is free. It's located in Bloomsbury and its permanent collections total around 8 million pieces - you certainly won't be short of things to see!

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