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A stone's throw from Covent Garden, the restaurant Rock & Sole Plaice has been an institution in London since 1871. Acquired in the 80s, the new owners trained in the original frying methods with the former employees, anxious to keep the tradition alive. The bet succeeded since today the fish and chips of Rock & Sole Plaice are still appreciated as much by locals as by tourists.

What is the atmosphere of the Rock & Sole Plaice restaurant?


The restaurant has two rooms, the first on the ground floor just in front of the open kitchen and the second in the basement. Prefer this one, which is more spacious and more pleasant. Generally speaking, the setting is basic and more like a canteen, but who cares since their fish and chips are delicious!
In good weather, take advantage of their terrace which is a strong point but beware it is reserved for customers who consume on the spot and not for take-out!


Who is the Rock & Sole Plaice restaurant clientele?

The clientele is heterogeneous both in terms of age and their origin. Indeed, you will rub shoulders with tourists as well as locals.

What can we eat and drink at the Rock & Sole Plaice restaurant?


Of course fish and chips made to order with cod or haddock. The latter has a more pronounced taste.
The portions are very generous, the fish is fresh and the breadcrumbs are crisp and low in fat. The large house fries are a real treat! For a normal hunger, be satisfied with a regular portion which is very generous !!!
For those who want to eat something other than fish and chips, the restaurant also offers chicken nuggets, calamari or cornish pastie (ground beef pie).

Unfortunately the restaurant does not offer draft beers and the choice of bottled beers is quite limited, especially English beer!
We can console ourselves with their delicious strawberry cider that I loved!

How is the service at the Rock & Sole Plaice restaurant?

The service is prompt and courteous.

How much does a meal cost at Rock & Sole Plaice?

Ah come to the things that annoy !! Although the quality is at the rendezvous, the fish and chips of Rock & Sole Plaice are not cheap Indeed, you still have to count £ 15 for a fish and chips medium and add £ 4 if you want a beer. Therefore, the average ticket for a meal is around £ 20 including tip.
For example, fish and chips from at Poppies are also good or even better and especially cheaper (£ 11,70 for an average fish & chips)!
And the icing on the cake is the gift, there is draft beer and the setting is really nice !!! I think this price difference is explained by the location of the restaurant in Coven Garden, a touristy and trendy district of London.

What's the best way to eat for less at Rock & Sole Plaice?

The good plan to pay less for your meal is to opt for take out which will save you £ 5!

What are the opening hours of the Rock & Sole Plaice restaurant?

Where is the Rock & Sole Plaice restaurant located?

Address: 45-49 Endell Street

Metro bus Covent garden, Leicester Square9, 13, 15, 23, 24, 139, 153
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