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    Races in London: marathon, half-marathon, 10km, 5km

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    Whether you are a professional runner, an amateur or a Sunday athlete, you are bound to find the race that suits you best: marathon, half-marathon, 10 and 5 km races. Do not miss the "fun" races such as the Superhero Run, the Bubble Rush or the Color Run which are an opportunity to run with your family while having fun 🙂

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    Virgin London Marathon

    Le london marathon is one of the 6 prestigious marathons in the world with Berlin, Boston, Chicago, New York and Tokyo. Its layout is considered by specialists to be flat and fast with a good-natured atmosphere. Building on this international success, not all requests to participate can be honored. It is then necessary to register from the first day of May to try to have his precious sesame to run.



    When? April 26th

    ==> Due to the coronavirus, the 40th edition of the London Marathon is postponed to 4th October.

    Départ : 10h00 to Greenwich
    Price : 120 €
    Type of land : Route
    professional background 


    Moonwalk : marathon, semi-marathon nocturne

    This night marathon brings together more than 15 women (and a few men) who run in decorated bras or not in order to raise funds for breast cancer research.

    When? May 16th
    Départ : Departures between 18 p.m. and 00 p.m. at Clapham Common
    Price: About £50

    Type of land : Route


    Palace Half : semi-marathon

    The start of this half-marathon is given in the magnificent Tudor court of Hampton Court Palace. The participants will discover through this half-marathon the magnificent gardens through a flat and picturesque course.

    At the end of the race, free access to visit the famous plant labyrinth and the oldest vine in the world.


    When? March 15, 2020
    Départ 9h00
    Price : £ 38
    Type of land : Dish
    professional background


    London Landmarks : semi-marathon

    The route of this half-marathon is a real tourist route where marathoners will pass the most beautiful monuments of the capital with in particular the Tower of London, The Gherkin, London Eye, Trafalgar ...
    The 10 runners start from Pall Mall and arrive at Downing Street.

    When? March 29, 2020
    Départ : 9:30 am at Pall Mall
    Price : Donation to an association
    Type of land : Route
    professional background


    Royal Parks Foundation : semi-marathon

    During this half marathon, the runners cross 4 of the 8 Royal Parks of London namely Hyde Park, The Green Park, St James's Park and Kensington Gardens, and pass some of the capital's most iconic landmarks like the Buckingham Palace, Horse Guards Parade and the Royal Albert Hall.
    Created in 2008 by the Royal Parks Foundation, this half-marathon brings together 16000 runners from 32 different countries.


    When? October 11, 2020 - 9:00 a.m.
    Départ : 9:00 a.m. at Hyde Park
    Type of land : Route
    professional background


    Virgin Sport Hackney : semi-marathon et course 5km

    This half marathon takes place in vibrant East London where runners pass Hackney Empire, Broadway Market, Victoria Park and London Stadium.

    When? May 17th
    Départ : 9h00 in Hackney

    Price : £ 60

    Type of land : Route
    professional background semi-marathon


    Richmond Runfest: marathon, semi-marathon and 5 and 10km races

    You love nature, then the route of this race will seduce you! Departure in the magnificent Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, crossing of Richmond and passing through the majestic Hampton Court Palace !

    When?  : September 13 2020
    Départ : 8h00 at Kew Gardens


    When? September 13, 2020
    Départ : 8:50 am at Kew Gardens


    When? September 12, 2020
    Départ : 8:00 am at Kew Gardens



    When? September 12, 2020
    Départ : 8:00 am at Kew Gardens

    Type of land : Road, towpath and grass. Risk of mud and puddles in bad weather. Flat course.

    professional background marathon
    professional background half marathon
    10km race course



    London Winter Run : course 10 km

    This race organized by the City of London brings together more than 15.000 runners each year in a relaxed and good-natured atmosphere. The profits from this charity run are donated to cancer research.

    When? February 9 2020
    Départ : 9:30 a.m. at Trafalgar Square
    Price : £ 37

    Type of land : Route
    10km course


    Virgin Sport Westminster : course 10 km

    The route of this 10km race takes you past the most emblematic monuments and places of London: Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Bridge or even Westminster Abbey ...


    When?Unconfirmed dates for 2020
    Départ 9h30
    Price : £ 45

    Type of land : Route


    Superhero Run : course 10km, 5km

    Here is a fun race to do solo, with friends or with family. The race is open to all super heroes dressed in their best costume!

    If you don't have your cloak in your wardrobe, don't worry, you can loan it on site at no cost !!!

    When? July 11, 2020
    Départ : 18:55 p.m. from Millenium Bridge
    Price : £ 25

    Type of land : Route


    Tower of London Run : course 10km, 5km

    The course of this race is atypical since it borrows the moat of the Tower of London! The profits from this race will be donated to research for heart disease.


    When? May 8th
    Départ : 16:30 p.m. to Tower of London
    Price : £ 20

    Type of land: Grass


    Run Regent’s Park : course 10km, 5km

    This race, which is held at Regent's Park, is open to everyone regardless of their level. It is above all a charity event whose goal is to raise funds to help people affected by cancer.
    Mini race for children from 4 to 11 years old.

    When? June 7, 2020
    Départ : 9:00 a.m. at Regent's Park
    Price : £ 20

    Type of land : Route
    professional background


    Bubble Rush : course 5 km

    Run with friends or family at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park transformed for the occasion into a sea of ​​colorful foam.
    It doesn't matter your performance since the race is not timed and everyone wins a medal!

    When? April 6th
    Départ : 12:00 at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
    Price : £ 27

    Type of land : Route


    The Color Run : course 5km

    The Color Run is a rainbow-colored race that attracts thousands of runners every year, including many families. Everyone comes to run but above all to have fun by throwing multicolored powder at each other! At the end of the race, a DJ mixes for the occasion. Good mood guaranteed !!

    When? September 19, 2020
    Départ : 10h00 à Crystal Palace Park
    Price : £ 11- £ 38

    Type of land : Route


    The Santa Claus race - 5km and 10 km

    Here is a festive and friendly race where children over 8 years old are also welcome. Many activities are waiting for you, Santa Claus cave, Christmas carol and many treats!
    Santa Claus costumes are provided free of charge and collected at the end of the race. You can also run with your costume on condition that it is on the theme of… Christmas !!! (elves, reindeer, snowmen ...)

    When? December 8, 2019
    Départ : Victoria Park
    Price : £ 25

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