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World famous, Planet Hollywood opened its American restaurant in 1993 in London not far from Piccadilly Circus. In addition to international cuisine, what makes the identity of this restaurant chain is its decoration taken from the greatest Hollywood films.

Here are my tips and my experience in this restaurant ...

What is Planet Hollywood?

Planet Hollywood is a restaurant chain founded in 1991 by American movie stars such as Demi Moore, Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone. The concept of the restaurant is to offer American dishes - but not only - in a setting borrowed from Hollywood box office films and memorabilia.

What is the vibe of Planet Hollywood?

First of all regarding the reception, the staff are friendly, smiling and take the time to advise you in the choice of your dishes.

The room is very pleasant, especially when there are few people (especially during the week). We were able to be seated on a large table and take advantage of the benches !!!

The restaurant is made up of two rooms which are spacious and carefully decorated with many cult objects from Hollywood films.

For Star Wars fans, you can see a full-size Han Solo Carbonite or the original Chewbacca crossbow.


For those who like action films, there is the shirt and jacket of Bruce Willis from the films Die Hard, and Die Hard 2, the knife of Sylvester Stallone in Rambo III or the whip of Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones…

Although I'm not a very cinephile at heart, I enjoyed the atmosphere, and the objects caught my attention, especially the case used in Top Gun 🙂

What do we eat at Planet Hollywood restaurant?

The restaurant offers international cuisine including American, Mexican, Italian and Asian dishes. A card that is undoubtedly a little too long which does not give the restaurant an identity. However, everyone can find a dish to their liking, including gluten-free.


My experience and my opinion on Planet Hollywood

As a starter, I tried the fried calamari which I found good, not too fatty and crispy. For the main courses, we tried the Bacon Cheese burger, barbecue sauce and fish and chips.

To tell the truth, I was disappointed by the hamburger which I found rather disgusting because too much seasoning for my taste. If you choose a burger, I recommend avoiding barbecue sauce and taking it more basic.

The fish and chips accompanied by peas and fries is a standard that you will not be disappointed with, but not surprised either, especially if you have already tasted fish and chips from home. Poppies, which are my favorites. Of course, this opinion is personal but the goal is to give you my opinion without filter ...

Finally, the proportions are generous, even for a classic hamburger of 200 grams, you will be well wedged !!!

In short, the cuisine is correct without being exceptional, but the interest of the restaurant is undoubtedly its central location and its original setting which will appeal to moviegoers.

Planet Hollywood bar

If you don't want to eat in a restaurant, know that you can just come and have a drink to enjoy the setting and the atmosphere. In addition to beer and cider, the restaurant offers a cocktail menu including the famous Pimms, made with gin, Pimms liqueur, lemonade and fruit.

How much does a meal cost?

Count around £ 20 for a meal including a main course (a hamburger), a dessert and a beer.

Do we have to reserve?

This is not an obligation but know that you can save some money by booking via Expedia or The Original Tour.

Expedia offers a menu at 22 € including a main course, a dessert and a drink with or without alcohol.

If you are planning to visit London aboard a Hop-on Hop-off sightseeing bus, you can get a 23% discount on your lunch by booking your bus tour + your meal via The Original Tour.

Finally, if you do not book, you can have a reduction if you meet Mr. or Mrs. Planet Hollywood (personal nickname !!!) which distributes in front of the Horse of Hellios fountain on Piccadilly, flyers offering a reduction on the restaurant.

Planet Hollywood events

The restaurant organizes themed evenings throughout the year with a special menu for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve.

What are Planet Hollywood's opening hours?

Opening hours of the restaurant and souvenir shop

Bar opening hours

Where is the restaurant ?

Planet Hollywood restaurant is a short walk from Piccadilly Circus and the museum Ripley’s Believe It or Not !

Metro bus Piccadilly Circus3, 6, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 22, 23, 38, 88, 94, 139, 453


Let's be clear, the cuisine at Planet Hollywood is nothing exceptional, although it is not bad either. The setting is nice and the welcome very courteous to discover the time of a drink ...

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