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The cartoon "Paddington" was born from the imagination of the British writer Michael Bond. It all started on December 24, 1956 at the Selfridge store on Oxford Street where Michael bought his wife a teddy bear as a Christmas present.

Today the Paddington Bear is one of London's most famous mascots and the favorite animated character of the British.

Walking with your children in the footsteps of Paddington is a free good plan to make them discover London in a fun and informative way. Indeed, during this walk, children will be able to discover the emblematic monuments of this city as well as certain traditions.

The filming locations are presented in the order of appearance in the film.

Tower Bridge

Le Tower Bridge with the HMS Belfast are the first London monuments that we discover.
Paddington crosses this famous bridge, aboard a Post Van, hidden in a bag.

Metro bus River shuttles London Bridge17, 21, 35, 40, 43, 47, 48, 141, 149, 344, N21, N133, N199 London Bridge City Pier


Paddington Station

The photo below is not actually the entrance to Paddington station but that of Marylebone which has a more aesthetic facade.

National rail Metro bus MaryleboneBaker street 2, 18, 27, 205, 453, N7, N18, N205


It is under the clock, located on platform 1 of Paddington station that the bear cub first meets the Brown family.



Metro bus Paddington 7, 23, 27, 36, 205, 332, 436, N7, N205

Children will be delighted to discover the life-size bronze bear statue. It is at the bottom of the escalator that leads to the souvenir shop, located on the first floor of the station.

Due to the works in the station, the statue is currently moved and is located under the clock of platform 1.

La shop Souvenirs - The Paddington Bear Shop - is the only official bear store where many items (plush, book, magnet ...) bearing the image of the little bear are sold.

Open store : Monday-Friday: 7:30 a.m.-19: 30 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday: 9:00 a.m.-19: 00 p.m.



Big Ben and the London Eye

It is aboard a London taxi, to go to the apartment of the Brown family, that Paddington discovers London and its most emblematic monuments: Big Ben, London Eye, St Paul's Cathedral and Trafalgar Square.

Metro bus River shuttles Waterloo, Westminster211, 77, 381

Waterloo Pier


Saint Paul's cathedral

La Saint Paul's cathedral which is one of London's best-known landmarks appears only once on the screen.

Metro bus St Paul's 4, 8, 11, 17, 23, 25, 26, 56, 76, 100, 172, 242, 521


Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is known to tourists for its many illuminated signs that sparkle after dark.

Metro bus Piccadilly Circus3, 6, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 22, 23, 38, 88, 94, 139, 453


Brown family apartment

In the film, the Brown family live in the upscale neighborhood of Notting Hill au 30 Windsor Gardens.
In fact, the scene was shot in Primose Hill, 30 Chalcot Crescent which is north of Regent's Park.

Metro bus Swiss Cottage


Natural History Museum

Many scenes are filmed in the Natural History Museum of London, located in the district of Kensington.

Nicole Kidman, alias Millicent Clyde plays the role of an evil taxidermist who wants to capture the little Paddington bear to stuff it.

Like many museums in London the entrance is free.

Metro bus South Kensington14, 49, 70, 74, 345, 360, 414, 430, C1


Wesbourne Oak Tube Station

This fictitious station is actually the metro station Maida vale, located at the corner of Elgin Avenue and Randolph Avenue.
The Brown family and Paddington enter this station to take the underground which will take them to the antique dealer Mr. Gruber.

Metro bus Maida vale 16, 98, 332, N16, N98


Portobello Road - Mr Gruber's Antiques Store

Meet at 86 Portobello Road - at Alice's Antique store - to discover Mr Gruber's antique shop where Mrs Brown goes with Paddington to find out if her red hat can give any clues as to her arrival in London.

If you like them flea markets, the neighborhood of Notting Hill is ideal for hunting!

Metro bus Notting Hill Gate 23, 52, 452


Circle of geographers

This scene was shot in the famous gentlemen's club: The Reform Club.
Entrance is reserved for members and their guests. It will not be possible for you to visit this club but you will be able to take pictures of the entrance.

Metro bus Charning Cross 3, 12, 88, 94


Buckingham Palace

It is in a guard's hut opposite Buckingham that Paddington takes refuge from the rain. The Royal Guard offers Paddington a sandwich and a drink which he takes out of his hat.

In reality, there are no royal guards in front Buckingham Palace. However, take advantage of your visit to introduce your children to the Changing of the Guard. They will be able to see their red uniforms and hats with bear hair.

Metro bus Green Park, Hyde Park Corner, Victoria11, 211, 239, C1, C10


Millicent Clyde Apartment

Paddington feeling unwanted at Les Brown's, decides to go to the streets of London in search of Mr. Montgomery Clyde who would be able to offer him a new home. He finds his apartment but occupied by his daughter Millicent who captures him.

You can discover the facade of this apartment on the 52 Downshire Hill in Hampstead.

Metro bus Hampstead 46, 268, N5


Restaurant Poppies: the fabulous fish and chips ❯

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