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Cost of living in London

Tell the truth: are you also looking forward to releasing an album on social media with the title "London Calling", full of red phone booths, double-decker buses and close-ups of Big Ben? Yes, London is so popular with young Italians that we often laugh about it, but jokes aside, the British capital has a lot to offer for aspiring expats looking for new opportunities for personal growth and a dynamic job market.

Average Salary in London

Skills, the level of English, the prestige of the workplace: these are all variables that impact salary. On closer inspection, the knowledge of the job market is also the same, since here the salary is never fixed, but negotiated. If you want to know more, we suggest this guide on how to find a job in London.

The average salary in the capital is £5,632. However, it's a market full of very high-end roles and particularly profitable sectors, such as finance, technology or high fashion, so the figure can be considered a little 'inflated' by supersalaries.

How much does it cost to eat in London?

In a city like London it's easy to have to eat out frequently, whether it's on your lunch break or between engagements. Here too the city is extremely polarised, and it's up to you to choose according to need and budget at the time. A quick pizza and a beer? It'll cost you just under £7 at Pizza Union. A three-course dinner and a glass of wine on top of the Shard? Be prepared to spend around £100 at Oblix.

Where to shop in London to save money

There are several very successful supermarket chains in the UK. This brings with it a lot of competition and excellent value for money for consumers.

  • The German chain Aldi has very competitive prices. The quality is not on a par with the more expensive chains, but it is a good option to save on the most basic products. You will mainly find them outside the centre.
  • Tesco: this is the chain with the most outlets. It offers a large selection of brands, but the Tesco Everyday Value range has the lowest prices. It has several large stores and, especially in the centre, the smaller Tesco Express, convenient for everyday shopping.
  • Sainsbury's: The second largest chain in the country, but has a better reputation for quality, especially thanks to its affordable Sainsbury's Basics range. Sainsbury's also has smaller and more numerous outlets, Sainsbury's Local.
  • Waitrose :How to say... is the 'I want to but can't' supermarket for most budget-conscious Londoners. Both the big stores and the 'Little Waitrose' focus on quality, coveted products and nurtured organic ranges. If you want to save money, look for the 'Essentials' range.

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