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The London Eye is one of Britain's top tourist spots. So why is this activity so successful? Is his visit a must?

History of the London Eye

The London Eye Observation Wheel, also known as the “Millennium Wheel” was officially opened on December 31, 1999 to celebrate the new millennium. Its construction, financed by British Airways, lasted from 1998 to March 2000 at a cost of £ 75 million.

With 3,5 million visitors per year, the London Eye is one of the most popular attractions for tourists, along with the Tower of London.

What are the characteristics of the London Eye?

This wheel inspired by a bicycle wheel is 135 m high and has 32 glass cabins, the number of boroughs in London! The cabins measuring 8 m and weighing 10 tonnes, can accommodate 25 people who can sit or walk freely inside the capsule.

The wheel moves at a low speed of 26 cm per second, thus avoiding the stopping of the wheel at each embarkation.

What can we see during the tour?


On a clear day, the London Eye offers a panorama stretching 40km to Windsor Castle. Other iconic London landmarks, such as the Palace of Westminster, big ben, Buckingham Palace, Horse Guards Parade St Paul's Cathedral and shard are also visible.


When is the best time to get on the London Eye?

Definitely on a clear day of course! I also advise you to go there early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid peaks in attendance. The views are spectacular as the sun sets and when it gets dark so you can admire the city lights right under your feet, especially around Christmas time.

Also note that the capsules are air-conditioned in summer and heated in winter, which allows you not to be dependent on the vagaries of the weather.

The London Eye, a good photo plan!


For photo enthusiasts, the London Eye allows you to take beautiful panoramic photos of the city and its monuments. At 135m high, I guarantee that your photos will have a very nice viewing angle! In addition, the quality of your photos will not be impacted by the presence of windows because they are clean !!!!

How long does the tour last?

The rotation lasts 30 min.

The different formulas offered

In addition to the classic entry which includes just the screening of the film and access to the wheel, other more original formulas are offered.

  • Tasting of a glass of Pommery Brut Royal champagne (duration 30 min)
  • Tasting of chocolates accompanied by a glass of Prosecco (duration 1 hour or 2 rotations).

  • Choice of tasting of 5 wines, 5 champagnes, 5 different whiskeys accompanied by appetizers with the presence of a sommelier (duration 1 hour or 2 rotations).

These tastings allow you to experience an atypical moment and can be the occasion to celebrate a particular element. In short, the London Eye can be a good romantic plan and an ideal place to make a nice request 😉

For my part, I tested the tour with Champagne tasting and I was very satisfied. First of all by the quality of the champagne which was fruity and fresh when served. Two people from the London Eye present in the capsule take care of the service and provide information on the wheel and the monuments. Fruit juices are also available for minors.

During my turn, there were about fifteen of us sharing the same capsule, which allows everyone to benefit from the view without jostling each other.

I recently returned to the London Eye with a classic entrance, to enjoy the view again!


The London Eye in VIP version!

We can also privatize capsules and rent them for a brunch, a lunch, an aperitif, a reception, or a marriage proposal.

Information and reservations on the London Eye website


An attraction accessible for people with reduced mobility

To facilitate access to the capsules, the wheel is stopped to allow the people with reduced mobility or elderly to embark and disembark safely. The kindly staff is on hand to ensure their safety.


Where to book a visit to the London Eye?

Considering the success of this popular attraction, I recommend that you book your tickets online, which will save you time and pay in euros.

To book, you can either go through the site of  GetYourGuide either by the site ofBritish Tourist Office

. Do not hesitate to compare between the two sites!

In addition, the attraction is included in the London City Pass,  London Nos, London Explorer Pass andIventure London Attractions Pass.

The London Eye is free for children less than 3 years old.

Tickets include entry to the 4D London Eye Experience, which can be found next to the London Eye ticket office in County Hall.

For those who would like to privatize a capsule of the London Eye, count between £ 360 and £ 5000 depending on the experience chosen!


Where can you collect your ticket on arrival?

Your ticket is to be collected at the Priority Desk at the Ticket Office which is the building at the foot of the wheel.

What are the opening hours?

Where is the London Eye?

Metro bus River shuttles Waterloo, Westminster211, 77, 381Waterloo Pier


Although the price is somewhat expensive, the London Eye is a favorite for me with its many services, the view it offers and its comfort. It will appeal to everyone, young and old, the elderly wanting a restful activity, romantics and lovers of beautiful photos.

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