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Jamie Oliver is a high-profile British chef in Great Britain known for his laid back naturalness and dedication to helping fellow countrymen eat better.

It was in Oxford in 2008 that Jamie Oliver created a chain of neighborhood Italian restaurants serving simple, reasonably priced Italian-style food. Today with more than 40 establishments in Great Britain and around the world including 10 in London, the spirit of Jamie's Italian is to offer fresh, quality products from producers in both Italy and the United Kingdom. .

It is not uncommon for the chef to buy his products from Borough Market, which is a market renowned for the quality of the products.

What is the ambiance of Jamie's Italian restaurant?


The setting of Jamie's Italian makes for a modern chic canteen. The industrial style decoration with Tolix style iron chairs and wooden tables gives a trendy side.

On the ground floor, the restaurant consists of two rooms with a counter where magnificent hams and Italian products are displayed.

In the basement, a large room is also present next to the open kitchens where one can watch the brigade in action. Unfortunately, the flip side of this beautiful volume is the noise. Therefore, I will not recommend you to come if you are looking for an intimate setting for a romantic dinner. Rather prefer a lunch and if the weather allows it, opt for the pretty terrace.

Many books, groceries and kitchen items stamped Jamie Oliver are on display and offered for sale. The idea is cool for cookbooks, but selling napkins or other wooden boards in the chef's name may be a little too merchandising for my taste.


Who is the clientele of Jamie's Italian restaurant?

Jamie's Italian is loved by hip Londoners in their thirties.


What can we eat and drink at Jamie's Italian restaurant?


You will understand, here we eat Italian and more particularly fresh pasta cooked with nicely dressed seasonal vegetables. Jamie Oliver makes us classic dishes with a touch of originality in the mixture of flavors. For my part, I fell in love with gnocchi prepared with green beans, purple potato chips accompanied by pesto and toasted pine nuts.
And since the house does not do things by halves, we suggest you grate fresh Parmesan on your plate, the class !! In short, the plate is beautiful and good. For the dishes, two sizes are available, namely Small or Large; for small appetites; the first may be ideal!

As for the drink 😉 the restaurant offers a wine list direct from Italy without forgetting the very fashionable Spritz cocktail. A small downside for the beer menu which is not exhaustive to my taste: 2 kinds of bottled Italian beer and one English draft. When will the Italian pressure come in? !!


What can children eat at Jamie's Italian restaurant?

Yes, children also have rights to their menu! Six in number, the dishes are balanced and presented in a fun way which will whet the children's appetite to eat the vegetables - some of which are organic!
And in addition to a good meal, children will be offered crayons and coloring!


How is the service at Jamie's Italian restaurant?

The service is attentive, pleasant and relaxed. The smiling and attentive staff.


How much does a meal cost at Jamie's Italian restaurant?

By taking a starter, main course (large), dessert and beer count around £ 27, without tip! However, you can eat very well with just one main course and one dessert and drop the bill around £ 20!


Do you need to make a reservation at Jamie's Italian restaurant?

Thanks to his notoriety, Jamie Oliver's restaurants are very fashionable both for the British and for tourists. I therefore advise you to book especially if you go there in the evening or on weekends.


What are the opening hours of the restaurant Jamie's Italian?

Where is Jamie's Italian restaurant located?

Metro bus Covent garden, Leicester Square9, 13, 15, 23, 24, 139, 153


The restaurant is a safe bet insofar as the dishes prepared with quality products are tasty and well prepared.
The price remains accessible, given the city of London, the district that Covent Covent and the notoriety of Jamie Oliver.

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