Getting your electrical appliances to work in London

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During your stay in London, an adapter will be essential for you to operate your electrical devices: mobile phone, camera battery charger, computer & tablet, electric razor and so on… !! Here is all the info, good practical plans and tips for knowing which adapter to buy and also where to buy it!

Which adapter to choose to charge or use your electrical devices?

The English never behave like the others… English electrical outlets are different from the outlets used in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. Sockets in the UK have three flat, non-round plugs like with us in France.










You can easily find them in train stations or airports but at higher prices than if you buy them in DIY stores (Leroy Merlin, Castorama ..) or on the internet by ordering on Amazon

 or FNAC… Plan ahead and don't wait until the last moment to buy your adapter.

For a simple adapter, count around 5 €, and for a universal adapter 15 €

Good to know !

Note that the English sockets are equipped with switches. Before contacting reception, be sure to check that the switch is "on".

On the other hand, the voltage and the frequency are identical to what is used in France, so no worries aside there.

My tips and advice

There is no need to buy an adapter for each device. The trick is to connect a French multi-socket to your adapter and charge all your devices at the same time!




If you are a globetrotter and you also travel to the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Ireland… then prefer a universal adapter with a USB port! The price will be higher compared to a simple adapter but it will be a good investment. This tip will ultimately save you space and money!

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