Fly over the Thames with the Emirates Air Line Cable Car

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Like New York, London also has its cable car which offers a 360 ° view of the capital. On a clear day, this crossing over the Thames is a good plan for taking beautiful photos.

History of the Emirates Air Line cable car

The cable car crosses both banks of the Thames to connect North Greenwich station to Royal Victoria station.
It was opened shortly before the Summer Olympics in June 2012 and was largely funded by the airline Emirates, hence the origin of its name. The cable car will carry this name until 2022, when the agreement with Emirates ends.


How is the flight over the Thames on board the Emirates Air Line cable car?

Each cabin can accommodate up to 10 people who can be seated during the journey, the duration of which varies from 5 to 10 minutes depending on peak hours.
With a peak 90 m above the Thames and a crossing of 1,1 km, the flight is calm and silent.
People with reduced mobility can access the cable cars.


What can we see during the crossing?

This trip will give you a 360 ° view of London where you can see the buildings of Canary Warf, the Saint Paul's cathedral, the enormous dome of the O2 or the dam of the Thames.


What are the best tips for flying over London with the Emirates Air Line cable car?


In order to benefit from the best rates, the best plan is to have the Visitor Oyster Card

which gives up to 25% off and saves time by avoiding queues to buy a ticket.
Sunset is the perfect time to take some great shots. However, avoid peak hours between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. and between 17:00 p.m. and 19:00 p.m.


What can be visited next to the Emirates Air Line cable car?

In the immediate vicinity of North Greenwich station is the O2 Arena which is both a performance hall and a multi-sports hall. And if you want to gain a little more height, know that you can try the ascent of the O2 Arena by taking a climbing ramp at 30 degrees which will bring you to a height of 52 m.

Also take advantage of your presence in the Greenwich district to perfect your maritime culture with:
- The National Maritime Museum which contains the jacket that Nelson was wearing when he fell in Trafalgar (with trace of the bullet)
- The Royal Observatory Greenwich, located in Greenwich Park, through which the meridian of Greenwich
- The Cutty Sark, a former Clipper having ensured the trade link with China for tea and Australia for wool.


How much does a ride on the Emirates Air Line cable car cost?

L’Oyster Card

 is a good plan because it offers discounts.

* includes non-stop roundtrip, onboard video, free entry to the Emirates Aviation experience, and in-flight guidance souvenir.


What are the opening hours of the Emirates Air Line cable car?


When is the Emirates Air Line cable car closed?

For safety reasons, the cable car is closed during heavy storms or strong winds.
Closed on December 25.


Where can the Emirates Air Line cable car be taken?

Metro bus River shuttles North Greenwich, Royal Victoria188North Greenwich Pier



Although the Emirates Air Line cable car is out of the way of tourist areas, it remains a fun tourist attraction and offers spectacular views of London. The cable car can also be a cheaper alternative to the London Eye.

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