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London taxis called black cabs are part of the London landscape. Their retro style makes them a symbol of the United Kingdom and taking a trip aboard the streets of London is an experience to be afforded and not to be missed!

What is a black cab?

A black cab is a official taxi the city of London which has 23, or 000 taxis per 11 inhabitants. In comparison, Paris has only 1000 taxis per 4 inhabitants ...
Black cabs are most often black but can also sport the colors of an advertising partner.


How and where to get a black cab?

You can take a taxi from one of the many stations located near airports, train stations, metro stations and other busy areas.

The other alternative is to hail the taxi in the street, for that you just have to raise your hand. Be careful, to find out if the black cab is free, make sure that the yellow “Taxi” signal is on.


What is the cost of support?

The pick-up charge is £ 3.


What are the additional costs?

Additional costs may be added depending on the location, time and day of the pick-up, but also on the means of payment chosen.


How is the price of the trip calculated?

The prices are calculated according to the distance to be covered, the duration of the transport as well as the time and day of the race. There is no extra charge for luggage.


What are the prices depending on the distance and duration of the journey? For information

Source: TFL

How are London taxis or black cabs inside?

When you board a black cab, you will be surprised by the space and the comfort! The vehicle can accommodate up to 5 people in addition to the driver who is separated from the passengers by a plastic window where only a small space can pay.

Inside, a bench can accommodate 3 people and two folding seats face each other.


When to take a taxi instead of public transport?

It is often wise and pleasant to take a taxi when it rains, especially since if there are 5 and the distance traveled is not very far, the price of the trip is the same price or even cheaper than a trip by public transport. common.

Also, I recommend taking the taxi if you are traveling with a stroller. In fact, it is never easy to move around with it, in the corridors of the metro, to take the stairs or to have a seat on the bus. London taxis being spacious, you can fit a stroller without folding it and without disturbing your offspring, smart !!


The black cab for people with reduced mobility (PRM)

With a wide opening of the doors and a ramp, the black-cabs are suitable for Handicapped who can naturally sit on board without leaving their wheelchair. In addition, assistance dogs are accepted at no extra charge.

What payment methods are accepted by London taxis?

Taxis accept credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express), and since October 2016, it is possible to pay for your fare with a contactless bank card. Another novelty is that there is no longer an additional cost with payment by card.


What is the tip to give?

Although this is not mandatory, it is customary to round up to the next highest pound.


The "Mini-Cabs", the black cab competitors?

There is an alternative to the black cab: the " mini cabs ", Called TREKKING with us. Numbering 78, these unmarked taxis often offer better rates and increasingly compete with traditional taxis. The "Mini-Cabs" or VTC do not work on the meter, the price of the trip is estimated when booking.
Unlike the black cab, the "Mini Cab" (or VTC) must be reserved in advance and do not use a meter to set the amount of the race. It is at the time of your reservation that you will have the price of your trip.

Warning ! If a mini-cab agrees to pick you up without prior reservation, refuse, as it will not be an official private taxi.


Conclusion : Black cab ou « Mini-Cab » ?

I want to say both my captain !! More seriously, it all depends on your journey. The use of "Mini cabs" is judicious for journeys that you can anticipate and book from France to avoid any possible additional costs for your telephone operator. As for example for races departing and / or arriving at airports and train stations or even to go outside London, to visit the Windsor Castle or studios Harry Potter.
The use of black cabs is more spontaneous because it does not require a reservation and can be hailed anywhere in the street.

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