Eurostar: delay, cancellation, what compensation?

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During a trip in Eurostar, we are not immune to a technical incident, a strike or even climatic events that can cause a delay or worse a cancellation of our trip.

Faced with such inconvenience, what are our remedies and especially what are our rights? In the context of international trains, as is the case for Eurostar, compensation is set by a European regulation which entered into force in 2009.


60 to 119 minutes delay

As compensation, the traveler has the choice between:

  • a free single ticket
  • 50% discount on a return trip
  • refund of 25% of the cost of the delayed journey if the original booking is a one-way trip
  • refund of 12,5% ​​of the total price if the initial booking is a round trip


Delay of 120 minutes or more

As compensation, Eurostar offers the traveler two possibilities namely:

  • a free return trip
  • refund of 50% of the cost of the delayed journey if the original booking is a one-way trip
  • refund of 25% ​​of the total price if the initial booking is a round trip


Delay of more than 300 minutes 

For such a delay 🙁 the traveler will be entitled:

  • a free return trip
  • full reimbursement of their delayed journey if the initial reservation is a one-way ticket or 50% of the total fare if the initial reservation is a return trip.


Cancellation of the trip from Eurostar

The traveler can request a full refund of his ticket and of his possible return.


How to benefit from the compensation provided by Eurostar?

  • phone, by contacting the Eurostar passenger service: Line open 7/7 from 9 a.m. to 20 p.m. Monday to Friday and from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m. on weekends and public holidays in Great Britain.

Only to receive the offered or reduced fare ticket, within 12 months of the train delay.

-By email :

To request a refund of part or all of the ticket within 60 days of the delay. We usually get a response within 48 hours.


What are the rules for using your compensatory ticket?

  • Any free or reduced fare travel as compensation must be made in the same travel class as the delayed journey.
  • All Eurostar tickets are subject to availability.

  • Offered / discounted tickets must be booked within 12 months of the date of the delayed journey.

  • It is possible to transfer the compensation offer to a third party, but once the trip has been booked, the name on the ticket cannot be changed.

  • The tickets offered as compensation are exchangeable (date and time) only once, before the date and time of departure stipulated on the ticket and subject to availability.

  • If you choose a 50% reduction on a ticket, the conditions of exchange and refund of the reserved fare apply.

  • The tickets offered or at reduced rates for compensation are not valid on domestic services for connections in Belgium / Holland. It is necessary to purchase tickets separately for these routes.


My advice

When making your reservations, indicate your mobile number or your e-mail address in order to be informed by SMS and / or by e-mail of a delay or a cancellation.

Or consult the Eurostar site for traffic conditions.

If incidents (fire in the tunnel, strike, snow, etc.) risk disrupting traffic over several days, ask for the cancellation or free postponement of your trip. This anticipation will allow you many inconveniences and especially to remain blocked on the spot for the return.

To request compensation, contact Eurostar 72 hours after your trip so that the company can collect all the information necessary to process your file.

Keep your original ticket in a safe place.

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