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We always have a negative first image of English food. We all remember the neon green peas on our school trip! I will show you that despite popular belief, you can eat well in London!

The dishes

Le fish and chips

Here is the great classic of British cuisine! Initially it was a fast food dish. Things have changed a lot as fish and chips are no longer considered a popular dish. Particular attention is paid to the choice of fish (toggle, place, haddock), the quality of the oil and the cooking. It is most often accompanied by peas and fries.

The Poppies and Rock & Sole Plaice restaurants are renowned for the quality of their fish and chips.

The fishcakes

Fishcake is a mixture of fish and potato, covered with breadcrumbs and cooked in oil. They come in the form of dumplings.


Le Roast Lamb and mint sauce

The roast lamb is a roast lamb accompanied by potatoes, small vegetables and a mint sauce! Although surprising, it all goes very well.

The gammon roast

The roast kid is a roasted ham that is eaten hot, accompanied by mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Le steak and kidney pie

Is a savory pie with a puff pastry that is stuffed with beef, kidneys, onions and a fairly thick brown sauce.

The Stew

This dish, which is similar to a pot-au-feu, is eaten especially in winter. Stew is made with lamb or beef and is served with carrots, turnips and parsnips. Seasoning may vary depending on the region.


And Cheshire

Cheshire, often called Chester in French, is the oldest English cheese. This cow's cheese with a dense and crumbly texture, exists of three types: white Cheshire, red (which owes its coloring to amatto, a tropical fruit) and blue, with natural molds, rarer and much appreciated.

The Sage Derby

The great originality of this cow cheese is due to the presence of sage leaves which green its dough.

Le Stilton

Only made in the counties of Leicester, Nottingham and Derby, Silton is a cow's cheese with a creamy texture. There is the rarer but easily recognizable blue and white Silton, with its blueberry or lingonberry berries in the dough.

The desserts

L’apple pie

Apple pie is an apple pie cooked in their own juices under the dough.

Le Christmas pudding

"Pudding" means dessert, but when it comes to Christmas Pudding, it's a kind of fruit cake with ginger or prunes. It is eaten hot and most often with custard.

The Jelly

This typical English dessert is a fruit juice mixed with gelatin that has the consistency of a flan. Jelly is very popular with young English people. It can be done very easily at home and is also found in supermarkets.

Les scones

Scones are small buttered rolls served hot with sour cream and jam. Cut them in half and spread them, it's a delicacy !!




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