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Heritage of the colonial empire, London is home to a very large Indian community made up of around 1,4 million people! Thus the British capital has many Indian restaurants and becomes the best city in Europe to eat a curry or a chicken tikka.

After a first crush for Gunpowder an Indian bistro restaurant located a few steps from Old Spitalfields Market, now comes Dishoom!
Launched in 2010, the Dishoom restaurant chain offers traditional and tasty Indian cuisine in an elegant, retro and trendy setting.

Presentation of the Dishoom restaurant

Dishoom is an Indian restaurant with the allure of Irani Chai paying homage to old Iranian cafes which served at all hours of the day, very sweet milk tea accompanied by buttered buns.
In the 50s, Bombay had more than 300 Persian cafes run by the Iranian community who fled the religious persecutions of their country at the end of the XNUMXth century.

Nostalgic for these lost Irani Chai, Dishoom reinvents these traditional cafes by offering Indian dishes with Iranian influences with a touch of modernity.


With many antiques, and old black and white photos, Dishoom offers a delightfully retro setting that takes us on a journey. Each element has been carefully chosen and matches harmoniously. The restaurant displays many retro objects, such as vintage furniture, old enamel signs or outdated fans.

The two restaurant rooms and the terrace are very pleasant but can be noisy during heavy crowds in the evening and at weekends. If you prefer a bit of quiet, come for lunch.

Today no less than 7 Dishoom restaurants are open across Great Britain including 1 in Edinburgh, 1 in Manchester and 5 in London in the most renowned areas such as Kensington, King’s Cross, Carnaby, Covent Garden and Shoreditch. Although the concept of a channel can give a negative image, Dishoom breaks this prejudice.

What do we eat at the remaining Indian Dishoom?

  • Massala shrimps
  • Chicken curry
  • Keema Pau

Dishoom offers classics of Indian cuisine such as Chicken Tikka, Raita, Chole Puri or the famous cheese naan.
The restaurant pays homage to the quality of its meat and eggs from open-air farms.

Despite unpretentious appearances, the dishes are delicious with spicy flavors! If you like spicy dishes, try Mutton Peeper Fry! This South Indian specialty is made with mutton marinated with red pepper, ginger and garlic then cooked with black pepper and spices. Presented in curry leaves, its presentation and flavors will not leave you indifferent!

To discover all the flavors, do not hesitate to consult the menu 😉

Special menus

Dishoom also prepares vegetarian, dairy-free or gluten-free dishes.


Breakfast served daily until 11:45 am consists of omelet porridge, sausages, fresh fruit, coffee ...

How much does a meal cost at Dishoom?

The price varies between £ 4 and £ 7 for a starter and around £ 10 for a main course. Count around £ 25 per person (starter, main course and drink and including service).

How is the service?

The service is friendly and attentive with advice and explanations to make your choice.

My opinion and advice on the Dishoom restaurant

Dishoom offers simple and traditional cuisine with quality products. The dishes are tasty thanks to subtle mixtures of spices and leaves. To vary the flavors, I advise you to take 2 different dishes per person and to share your dishes.
Finally, the only downside of the meal, the rice that I found bland and without much interest.

Consequently, if, like me, you like exoticism and a change of scenery then you will appreciate Dishoom's cuisine.

The other strong point of Dishoom is its decoration from another time where objects steeped in history fit perfectly into a setting that is both modern and retro.
It is not always easy to find a restaurant that combines trendy surroundings and traditional cuisine. Very often, we are attracted by the decoration and disappointed by the quality of the dishes.
Dishoom rose to the challenge and its concept has been successful for several years. The restaurants are now frequented by a trendy clientele, both London and international.

Can we reserve?

Dishoom takes reservations only for groups of 6 people or more.
I recommend that you arrive early or come for lunch as it can have up to an hour of wait in the evenings and on weekends.


What are the Dishoom restaurant opening hours in Soredtich?

From Monday to Wednesday : 8:00 pm - 23:00 pm
Thursday and Friday : 8:00 pm - 00:00 pm
Saturday : 9:00 pm - 00:00 pm
Sunday : 9:00 pm - 23:00 pm


Where is the Dishoom restaurant located?

Address : 7 Boundary Street, Hackney, London E2 7JE

Metro National rail bus Old StreetShoreditch High Street, Old Street55, 135, 205, 243, 812


Located in the trendy neighborhood of Shoreditch, Dishmoom is an Indian restaurant that showcases traditional dishes made from quality ingredients. The menu will satisfy a large audience with vegetarian, gluten-free or lactose-free dishes.
Finally, the other strong point of Dishoom is its retro - chic decoration with the allure of Irani Chai. To make the most of the setting and be quiet, choose weekdays and lunch.

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