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While travel can be fun, according to the Madrid College of Psychologists it can also expose the traveller to obvious and hidden dangers, which can lead to illness or aggravate existing health problems. Lack of sleep, combined with stress, dehydration, increased exertion levels, musculoskeletal strains and changing health care delivery systems can affect the traveler.

5 signs you're a travel addict!

1. You're barely home, and you're already planning your next trip.

You've just got home and you can't seem to settle. Memories of your last trip are floating around in your head, making you dream of more countries to visit. You've talked to someone along the way who told amazing stories about Sri Lanka or Malaysia. Glancing at your bucket list reminds you that your trip to Iceland has long been a dream of yours. You are constantly picturing, in your mind, packing your backpack and sitting on a plane on the way to your next adventure.

The planning and anticipation you experience before going on a trip is often one of the best parts. This excitement and curiosity that builds up when it comes to a new destination brings tingling sensations to your body and dissolves only when you've seen the place with your own eyes. This feeling, the fact that you're already planning your next adventure just when you get home, is a clear first sign that you're a travel addict too!

2. You get really excited about booking flights

Once you've decided on a new destination and set a date, it's time to book some flights. You play around with data, search multiple platforms and go on the hunt for the best deal. Once you find it, there comes a moment that elevates your mood: you click to book your trip! A firework of happiness spreads through you and anticipation soars through the roof. Soon it's time to pack your things and embark on a new adventure!

After booking your flight, you're counting down the days. Every morning you cross another day off your calendar - the fewer there are, the more excited you get! Finally, the day arrives to go to the airport and board your flight to your new destination.

3. You spend all your savings on travel

Since you started traveling, your priorities have completely changed. Instead of keeping up with the latest gadgets, or going on crazy shopping sprees, you're saving money for new travel adventures. You have to think twice, wondering if you're about to spend 60 euros on a new piece of clothing when you know you can use it to pay for a few nights on your next trip!

The presents under your Christmas tree, and your birthday presents have also been drastically reduced - a simple envelope of money for your next adventure is the only thing that makes you happy!

4. Your favorite things to read are travel blogs.

Instead of novels and thrillers, you spend your time reading travel blogs that inspire you to seek out new adventures and dream of faraway places. You always find exactly what you're looking for, including helpful travel planning tips, places off the beaten path, and the most popular activities in your locale.

The only books you read are adventure-filled travel books. Plus, you also follow travel YouTubers, listen to travel podcasts, and subscribe to various newsletters so you never miss an article - another sign that you're totally addicted to travel!

5. You're in a bad mood if you don't have another adventure planned.

You're restless, bored and annoyed. The reason for this isn't work or anything like that. No, you simply lack a new perspective. You want to get out of the everyday again. You want to experience new adventures in the world, and leave your home behind - no matter if it's a small adventure or a huge, long journey. You feel a tingle in your toes and fingers when you search for flights to New Zealand, Asia and Europe.