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Churchill War Rooms - Winston Churchill's headquarters

Churchill War Rooms, the Prime Minister's war office located not far from Horse Guards Parade, played an essential role in the organization of the Allied forces during the Second World War. It was in this bunker that more than 500 people lived day and night and participated in the war effort.

A visit to Churchill War Rooms allows you to discover the conditions under which Winston Churchill and his cabinet lived and worked in this bunker.


Introducing Churchill War Rooms

Churchill War Rooms is a labyrinth of around thirty rooms, hidden under administrative buildings whose windowless walls are made of steel and concrete that can withstand direct attack.

Covering an area of ​​more than one hectare, the rooms made available to the public represent only a small fraction of the entire underground space occupied by this former place of work and residence which was the British headquarters of August 1939 to September 1945.

Among the thirty rooms open to the public, we discover the kitchen, the dining room, the rooms of the members of Churchill's cabinet, and even the room of Juliette Churchill and her husband.

Like the cruiser HMS Belfast, the visit allows you to discover the living conditions of the members of the staff thanks to the original equipment and the very realistic wax mannequins.

A little advice, before starting your visit, take the audio guide (included in the price) which will give you a lot of information in French through testimonials from members who have lived in this clandestine headquarters.


The main rooms of Churchill War Rooms

The description of the 30 rooms would undoubtedly be tedious. Here are the halls that stand out most or in which important decisions have been taken.


Le cabinet de Winston Churchill – Cabinet War Room


It was in this room that Winston Churchill assembled his war cabinet with the key ministers responsible for leading the war effort.

Churchill sat in the center, in his wooden chair, his cigar within reach.


Transatlantic Telephone Room


Installed in 1943 in an old broom closet, this phone allowed Winston Churchill to safely contact US Presidents Roosevelt and Truman. This secret line was connected to the Sigsaly jammer, located in the basement of the Selfridges department store on Oxford Street.


Conference room - Chief's off staff


It was in this room that the Chiefs of Staff met to make the most important military decisions.


Maps rooms - Maps rooms


The map room was occupied by officers from the different armies who wrote their daily military reports. It played a crucial role as it enabled the King, the Prime Minister, and the Chiefs of Military Staff to keep abreast of war efforts and situations on fronts around the world.


Winston Churchill's bedroom


Juliette Churchill's bedroom


Winston Churchill Museum


Through a multimedia exhibition and original personal objects, the museum traces the life and political activity of Winston Churchill.


Churchill War Rooms, a visit to do with children?

Absolutely! Moreover, during my visit, many children were present. The site visit is instructive and educational for both middle school and high school students.

Churchill War Rooms est free for children less than 5 years old.


Where to book your visit?

You can book your visit on the Civitatis site.

The Churchill War Rooms is also included with the London Pass and London Explorer Pass.


What are the opening hours?

Open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. Last admission at 17:00 p.m.

Closed on December 24, 25, 26.


Where is Winston Churchill's headquarters located?

Address : Clive Steps – King Charles Street – London SW1A 2AQ

Metro bus Westminster, St. James’s Park3, 11, 24, 53, 87, 88, 109, 159, 184, 211, 453



The headquarters lost its functions in August 1945 after the Japanese surrender. The map room was closed on August 16, 1945 and three years later, the building officially became a National Monument.


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