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Failing to be able to buy a ticket several months in advance to benefit from the best price, there is the solution of buying a second-hand ticket on specialized train ticket resale sites. This solution can be a good alternative, if you want to go to London at the last moment to attend a show or respond to an invitation!

However, one can wonder if on the one hand these sites are reliable and on the other hand if the resale of these tickets is authorized by Eurostar?

Many resale websites

Like Prem's SNCF tickets, Eurostar tickets at promotional rates are neither exchangeable nor refundable. A plethora of websites then offer travelers with a last minute unforeseen event to resell their ticket at the same purchase price or sometimes less, and to the buyer to find a train ticket at an affordable price for an imminent departure.

Here are some reliable sites below:

  • Trocdestrains : The best known and most visited site.
  • Kelbillet: After registering on the site, you can have access to the telephone number of the seller.

  • Passeton ticket: After registering on the site, you can have access to the telephone number of the seller.


Is the resale of Eurostar tickets allowed?

Eurostar tickets are personal and are neither exchangeable nor refundable in the case of promotional fares.

Unlike banknotes trains SNCF, Eurostar tickets may not be sold or transferred to a member of his entourage. This prohibition is clearly specified on the Eurostar conditions of sale and also on the second-hand ticket resale sites.

Despite this, many travelers do not take these instructions into account and take the risk of traveling with a ticket on which the name of a third person is written.

To access the boarding area, all you have to do is scan your ticket yourself at the terminal and wait for the door to open, even if you scan a second-hand ticket.

However, it may happen that Eurostar staff carry out an unannounced identity check by comparing the name on your ticket with the one on your identity document.

These checks are rare but you have to be aware of the risks.

What do you risk if you get checked with a second-hand ticket?

If this is unfortunately the case, your ticket will be directly confiscated and you will be invited to buy a ticket at the ticket office… at a full price!

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