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Blue Valet offers a valet parking service at airports and train stations in France, Belgium, Spain and Portugal.

This start-up is shaking up travel codes by offering an alternative, clever and economical solution that simplifies travel for leisure and business travelers.


Blue Valet overview

Created in 2015 by two entrepreneurial brothers in Bordeaux, Blue Valet offers a valet service in stations and airports. Practical and simple, reservations are made exclusively online via the Grand Site website of the start-up or the application.
The user can also make a simulation by entering his travel information, his departure and return dates and thus know the price.


How do I book valet parking?

The reservation of the valet parking service is done online on the Blue Valet website. A little advice, in order to find the time slot corresponding to the time of your departure, anticipate your reservation.
Indeed, on the strength of its success and its media coverage (the Capital magazine on M6 recently devoted a subject on the company), demand is intensifying and certain niches are quickly full!

After creating your online account, enter the following information:
- departure airport or station
- travel dates (round trip)
- flight or train number
- vehicle type and color

At the end of your reservation, you will receive a summary email.



Before leaving

The day before your departure, you will receive an email and an SMS specifying the phone number of your valet and the meeting place, namely at the airport or train station drop-off.


One hour before your scheduled arrival at the airport or train station, you will receive a text reminding you of your valet parking number inviting you to contact them 15 minutes before the meeting time. You will be able to tell him where you are in order to readjust the pick-up time of your vehicle according to the traffic.


On arrival at the airport or train station

On arrival, the valet will be waiting for you at the drop-off point. Dressed in a blue uniform with the Blue Valet logo, he will be easily identifiable. After a warm welcome (which I was!), The valet will help you get the luggage out of the trunk and offer you a cart if you wish.



An inventory of the vehicle will be carried out by the valet to identify any damage (scratches, blows, etc.), mileage which will be taken in photos and then sent by email after signing the report.



At the end, you will give the keys to your vehicle but will keep the papers with you (gray card and green card).


What parking lot is your car in during your trip?

To guarantee attractive prices, Blue Valet parks cars on the outskirts of train stations and airports and more precisely in private and secure car parks approximately 5 km from the airport or train station.


How to find your vehicle when you return from your trip?

When you return from your trip, you will also receive an email and SMS indicating the telephone number of your valet, this number will be different from the one you received for departure. After collecting your suitcases or upon exiting your train, contact them to confirm the meeting place (at the drop-off as well as on the way out) and the estimated time for the return of the vehicle.

If your plane or train is late, don't panic! Thanks to relatively simple APIs (Advance Passenger Information), Blue Valet also tracks flight and train delays and adapts to these unforeseen events.


What are the advantages of Blue Valet?

  • Simplicity : Simple reservation and clear explanations.
  • Save time and reduce stress : No need to look for a place in a parking lot and walk with your suitcases.

  • Comfort : Back from vacation and after a long-haul flight, we often want to get home quickly. A few minutes after contacting the valet, your vehicle is returned and you leave immediately. No waste of time, waiting in line for a taxi or looking for your car in a parking lot!

  • Economical : Service cheaper than parking near the airport or train station and less expensive than a taxi (for Paris in any case).

  • Insured vehicle by the insurance company GAN, for any damage caused during the stay of the vehicle, proven by the difference between the inventory of arrival and the inventory of exit.


Additional services offered by Blue Valet

Blue Valet also offers additional services such as:

  • car cleaning - 45 €
  • level control and adjustment of windshield washer fluid - € 10
  • tire pressure - 5 €
  • recharging an electric vehicle - € 15
  • parking the vehicle in a covered car park - € 10


Valet service prices - parking

Personally, I entrusted my vehicle to Blue Valet for 7 days at Orly airport and I paid 90 €. This alternative is cheaper than if I had taken a taxi (100 € round trip) or reserved a place in the P4 car park which would have cost me 100 € (by having to look for a place and walk with the suitcases).

So you will tell me there is the economical parking at the price of 96 € which is certainly a little cheaper but has the disadvantage of making a shuttle transfer lasting 12 minutes. Therefore, given the small price difference, I preferred to opt for simplicity ...

I would like to point out that the parking prices fluctuate as for train and plane tickets, therefore the price difference between them and Blue Valet may vary. 

Finally, if you are looking above all for the lowest price, you can compare the different offers and prices on the Looking4Parking price comparison.


Where can I use Blue Valet valet parking?

At airports

In France

Bordeaux - Merignac
Lyon - Saint-Exupéry
Marseille - Marignane
Nantes - Atlantic
Nice - French Riviera
Paris - Charles de Gaulle (CDG)
Paris – Orly
Toulouse - Blagnac


In Belgium

Brussels – Zaventem

In stations

In France

Aix en Provence – TGV
Bordeaux - St John
Lille - Europe
Lille - Flanders
Lyon - By God
Lyon – St Exupéry
Paris - East Railway Station
Paris - North Station
Paris - Lyon station
Paris - Marne-la-Vallée station


In Belgium

Brussels - Midday



This concierge-parking service is convenient, easy and time-saving. Freed from the constraints of looking for a place or taking a shuttle, you can leave or return serenely from your vacation or business trip.

Blue Valet is developing both in France and in Europe, do not hesitate to consult their site to check if other cities welcome their services.


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